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A Level Geography

Entry Qualifications

See Standard Entry Qualifications.

Grade C GCSE Geography


2 Years

Course Content

With A Level Geography you will learn and understand how places, environments and issues can change and how the human population responds to this. Just look to the news - Geography will help you understand so many of the world events such as why the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina occurred.

Geography looks at the world’s natural and human environments and the links between them. The course comprises both physical and human geography. Topics studied are rivers and flood management, population change, coastal environments and health issues. There is also a unit on the application of geographical skills that takes in a number of transferable, valuable skills such as numeracy and decision-making.

The second year focuses on current geographical themes and issues. Topics studied are tectonic hazards, weather and climate hazards, and globalisation and development. Fieldwork is essential to geography and there are many trips in the UK and a stimulating overseas stay in Naples in the second year that all help to colour this diverse and topical course.


On completion of these qualifications candidates may progress onto a university course.