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A Level History

Entry Qualifications

See Standard Entry Qualifications.


2 Years

Course Content

Studying History allows students to reach an understanding of events in the modern world by studying the past and using these experiences to look to the future. History is an extremely well regarded A Level by both University Admissions Officers and employers. An A Level in history tells people that you are capable of careful analysis and that you possess a fair amount of intellectual ability.

As you build on your interest in the past, you will acquire an understanding and sound knowledge of selected periods, themes and historical concepts and appreciate the nature and diversity of historical sources and methods, all of this whilst learning how to think independently and make informed judgements of issues and cultivate empathy with people living in diverse places at different times.

History is full of transferable skills and this A Level complements all career options and university courses. In the first year you will study English and German History with particular focus around World War 2. The second year includes a topic on Russia and a coursework module on the USA. Remember today is history tomorrow and it is important to learn from history to progress in the future, therefore A Level history is an immensely important subject to study.


On completion of these qualifications candidates may progress onto a university course.