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A Level Mathematics

Entry Qualifications

See Standard Entry Qualifications.

Grade B at GCSE Mathematics


2 Years

Course Content

Mathematics opens lots of doors in business, finance, management, IT, research and other areas you may not have thought of such as Special Effects Director, Architect, Meteorologist, Animator, Interior Designer and many more. You will develop your mathematical thinking skills. You will study topics you are familiar with from GCSE together with new topics such as calculus and series. You will also study either a Statistics or Mechanics. Both of these involve mathematical modelling of real life situations. In year 2 you will continue to develop your logical reasoning, your mathematical communication and your ability to process information accurately. Your applied module this year will be Decision 1 which will introduce you to modern techniques which have many diverse applications from designing circuits on microchips to scheduling tasks to build a new supermarket.


Maths is essential for most Scientific and Engineering courses at University and is highly recommended for all courses. Employers always value achievement in Maths.