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A Level Sociology

Entry Qualifications

See Standard Entry Qualifications.


2 Years

Course Content

Why do people commit crimes? How does your ethnic background affect your life chances? Are two parents better than one (and can you prove it)? If you are interested in questions like this, then Sociology is the subject for you. In your first year, you will examine the role of the family and of education, whilst year two takes a tour round the topics of ‘crime and deviance’ and ‘power and politics’. Throughout the course you will also study research methods so that you gain the skills of finding and interpreting evidence to support your arguments. Sociology students have enquiring, open minds, an interest in controversial social questions, a willingness to consider other people’s opinions and a desire to understand more about how our society works.


Sociology is a good basis for careers in journalism, social work, policy research, politics, the probation service, the police, teaching and lots more.